Hush (1973)

Aloud ¡®n¡¯ Live!
(WEA, 1973) #20 on the National chart.

Get Rocked
(Wizard, 1974) Triple Gold.

C¡¯mon We¡¯re Taking Over
(Wizard, 1974) Double Gold.

Rough, Tough ¡®n¡¯ Ready
(Wizard (1975) Quadruple Gold.

Nothing Stays the Same Forever, Best of
(Wizard, 1978) Gold.

(Wizard, 1977)


  • Over You/Rainy Day Bells Phonogram¡¯s Philips label
  • White Christmas December 1972 (reggae version)
  • Get the Feeling/Take Us Home¡¯ (#11 in Sydney, October 1973)
  • Man Eater/Black Skinned, Blue-Eyed Boys¡¯ (February 1974)
  • Get Rocked/Linda Lee (May 1974)
  • Walking/Exit (#10 in August 1974)
  • C¡¯Mon We¡¯re Taking Over/Paradise (September 1974)
  • Boney Moroney/Rocking Gypsy King (#1 September 1975)
  • Glad All Over/Get What? (#9 October 1974)
  • You Really Gotta Hold on Me/Rough
  • Tough¡®n¡¯Ready (February 1976)
  • Too Young to Know/Lies (#21 October 1976)
  • Sunday/How Do You Feel? Alright!¡¯ (December 1976)
  • Nothing Stays the Same Forever/Sunday (June 1977)
  • Messin¡¯ Around¡¯/¡®Only Love¡¯ (August 1977)
Rick Lum, Keith Lamb, Les Gock, Chris Pailthorpe

The Best of Hush

(Castle/BMG, 1995)

Below is a selection from the 18 track CD.
Use the player controls to browse the sample tracks:

  1. Bony Moronie
  2. Glad All Over
  3. Get Rocked
  4. Walking
  5. Rockin¡¯ Gypsy King
  6. Nothing Stays the Same Forever

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